We spoke in a prior newsletter about conflict-based "imaginary" conversations human beings tend to conduct in their minds with other people when they're trying to resolve something -- conversations which constitute psychic broadcasts no matter their actual content.  That's just the way it works, folks.  We do not exist in a vacuum here, and the energy of the mind is always creating our reality out in the world.  It's often been said that the world we see is a reflection of what we believe, and experience has shown me that this is largely the truth.  Physics backs this up, as well.  What we allow to "rent space" in our minds DOES dictate to a very large degree what our experiences in the world will be.

Listen, we all work things out in our minds.  We're supposed to.  We will never evolve if we don't come to peace with the conflicts in our lives, and our minds are the toolboxes we employ for that task.  And ascension very definitely involves releasing and/or transmuting the dense emotions and traumas and experiences that confront  and challenge us -- it's part of the human learning curve.  But beyond a healthy observation of the events we're trying to heal in our lives, mental looping can actually perpetuate our problems and recreate them over and over again, making the release of the issues next-to-impossible.  

And so it begs the question, if "better use of the mind" involves avoiding conflict-based thoughts and gnarly internal dialogues and a ceaseless replaying of old traumas and hurts and wounds in our minds, what is the "ultimate" use of the mind?  In my opinion (and experience), it has to do with understanding the awesome power of "blessings".  

Try this:  the next time you find yourself in a conflict with someone and you have a temptation to replay that conflict with them in your mind, or make them guilty, or assault them mentally, or dive head-long into the "I shoulda said" dialogues, decide instead to send them blessings.  Sending blessings to someone does not mean you approve of their actions, or that you necessarily forgive them for any hurt inflicted (if you're not ready for that yet in your process), but what it WILL do is align you immediately with the most powerful mechanics in the Universe.  By using the mind to send blessings to other people, we instantly extract ourselves from the negative spins of chaos, misunderstanding and conflict, and it invokes the power of love, clarity, reason and healing.  INSTANTLY.  It likewise puts you immediately in a miracle-based frequency where divine energies can intervene to create solutions and resolves that you might not otherwise have conceived.  If control is the pinnacle of human suffering, then blessings are the pinnacle of human healing.

We don't seem to have undue trouble sending blessings to those we love and to those with whom we are not in conflict, but it might seem awkward at first sending blessings to those you're mad at.  I recognize the obvious resistance there.  But try it anyway, even if your heart is not 100% committed to the process.  The power of blessings will begin to dissolve twisted, entangled energies between you and the other person, and it places between you a light filter of divine energy instead of a filter of darkness or grabby density -- and it begins immediately to raise your frequencies... AND theirs.  

Sending a blessing to another human being instantaneously invokes the forces of Divine Source, and in that space ANYTHING good is possible.  The more you do this and the better you get at it, the more you'll discover that you get caught less and less in daily entanglements, and you'll begin to notice that you don't even attract conflict anymore.  What you'll find, instead, is that kinder, gentler, more peace-filled interactions will make their way to you, and you'll begin to feel lighter and lighter and less plagued and troubled.  Your heart will begin to feel more buoyant, more supple.  Your moods will improve.  You'll be tempted to laugh out loud in joy for no apparent reason.  You'll look strangers in the eye and think "I love you".  

If you want a really, really stunning exercise, try blessing every person who passes you on the road on your way to work -- or every person you encounter on the bus or subway.  Place no expectations or attachment to the blessings; merely try to send a general blessing from your heart as best you can with total freedom and unconditionality, and try to mean it.  I tell you what:  you'll feel high when you get to work.

And if you want to take this to the next level, condition yourselves to begin this process the minute you wake up in the morning -- before you ever get out of bed.  Start sending blessings.  To your spouse beside you.  To your children in the other room who have yet to awaken.  To your co-workers whom you'll shortly encounter.  To your parents.  To your neighbors.  To the birds singing outside.  To the air you're going to breathe today.  To the clothes you're going to put on in a moment.  To the light beings who assist you.  To the sun shining through your windows.  To your furnace for wrapping you in warmth through the night.  To the food you will soon have for breakfast.  To your stove which through the miracle of fire and electricity will cook that food.  To the light bulbs which illuminate your room.  To Thomas Edison for inventing light bulbs.  To the luxury of running water in the shower you'll soon take. To the toilet for the miracle of not having to go outside and poop in the woods.  Send blessings to someone you're mad at.  Send blessings to the IRS!  And the chemtrails!  Send blessings to Congress!  And the Vatican.  The places you can direct blessings are endless.  Sending a blessing does NOT mean you approve of anything monstrous or destructive or negative; it doesn't, in fact indicate your compliance with anything but grace.  It means you RELEASE into God's hands all your control and limited thoughts about a person or a thing or an event and all actions involved with them, and when we can do that truly effectively, I daresay our energies will never get zapped again.  And it also creates a space of healing for the other person.

We have all heard that gratitude opens our lives to abundance and grace and joy -- and this is true.  It absolutely DOES do that.  But expressing gratitude can seem like a very passive and somewhat hit-and-miss intellectual means of embracing your day, and I've noticed people get bored with that exercise easily.  Sending blessings is an active form of gratitude -- something you can energetically DO to jumpstart your daily process.  It's action-based, and anything action-based generates energy.  Want to do something REALLY powerful?  Spend some time sending blessings to GOD.  Yes, pray FOR God.  And watch how your heart begins to open in unbelievable ways.  Get excited about it.  Look forward to it.

If I had to streamline the universal directions right now down to one word, it'd be "blessings" born from unity consciousness.  You put yourself instantly and directly INTO THE MIND OF DIVINE SOURCE when you employ blessings, and when we can get ourselves into the love frequency and keep ourselves there -- especially in the face of life's daily challenges -- this interregnum and transition period our society is making right now will begin to work for all of us with the eager assistance of the universe.  

Try giving blessings today.  But be careful: sending blessings is addictive!  I'll wager that once you start doing it, you'll become a blessing addict, and you'll crave that daily "fix".  You'll begin to live for it.  It will begin to take over your mind and your heart and your life, and it will consume you.  And what a happy day that will be.

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