Serving Our Community For 16 Years

It’s become clear to me in recent years that what I enjoy most is interactive art. I do this creating an engaging experience or creating with others. I love inspiring others to express themselves as creators. I love surrounding myself with beauty and want to help others do the same. I think we can connect more deeply with one another as artists, and through the work we are able to let go of emotional blocks, empower ourselves and grow as individuals.

It wasn’t until I was working on my art degree that I was able to freely explore the art I was drawn to create. What came out of me for the first time was raw, edgy, and incredibly sensual, but yet I still didn’t really understand what I was creating or why. I just loved creating in this new way. Unknowingly, I was recreating a pattern of drawing people in during critique, and often times isolating them so they would have an individual visceral experience. My focus in college was ceramic sculpture (small figurative work), but I always used mixed materials that inspired me so I could create an environment to be explored. I have a passion for transforming spaces and try to envelope the viewer in sensation, so at the time I would find a space I could use as my canvas and go crazy in it.

Vivian Hart

  Artist & Designer

Spee-sheez is a unique collection of handmade vibrant lace jewelry that plays on the idea of natural selection. I encourage you to explore my shop, and find your OWN species that, in turn, aesthetically enhances and reflects your individuality. If you don't see your colors, message me for a custom creation.

I miss creating installation work, but I wanted my art to be more accessible and found ways to make money while still expressing myself in tangible forms. I have dabbled in many art forms as well as taught art to children and coordinated arts and crafts shows.

I discovered a new way to incorporate lace into jewelry during the process of making my wedding dress, which was purple and composed of upcycled dyed lace. Previously I had focused on decorative body art which I mostly did at festivals from a booth, but once I started to display my jewelry a new and more gratifying dialogue began with people coming in. The most rewarding thing about the Spee-sheez mobile boutique is that women are drawn to it on their own and I have the opportunity to reflect back their own beauty, because they start the conversation. I have found that lace and color are timeless and universal so I don’t have a “type” of woman that likes my jewelry; I get the young, old, funky, conservative, hippy, indie, eccentric and earthy (to make it short). What an amazing opportunity to engage with my community!