Serving Our Community For 16 Years


Right?  Or was this just... Cecilia's honest vision of what Christ really needs to look like to her?  Because she's been pretty defensive of it.  Even wants a cut of the dough now that people are now coming in hoards to see this "improvement".

No, Cecilia thinks he looks better.

Is there a Cecilia in your life who thinks you don't look fine just the way you are?  Who thinks you shouldn't walk on water?  And perform miracles?  Or shout it from the mountaintops?   Does this person try to condemn your message and obscure you and make you not want to sing your song?  Or ridicule you for it?  Do they insist that "you can't" when you know you can? Do they try to dim down your wattage with their "improvements"?  And exhaust you?  Or cover your beautiful face with their smeared colors?

I've had a few Cecilias in my life, too.  You're perfect with these folks -- at first -- until eventually... suddenly you aren't so perfect anymore.   Things are "wrong", then.  And the wrong-er you become, the more you notice these Cecelias seem to be saying "I love your life, I just don't love you in it.  You look so much better on me."  You have to be very strong in those kind of...what?  Arm wrestling matches of the soul?  It can be exhausting to hang onto yourself while the individual makes their way through that need to redesign you.

He feels so much better about himself.

And so you've got to be asking yourself:  what possible physical evidence do you suppose made Cecilia think she could correct a masterpiece?  I mean, there had to have been some pre-existing verification that she was capable of the task, right?  Some...some...sample or something?  Because you know what?  She was pretty confident about it.  She went right in there to some church official and announced "I want to fix Christ."  And someone actually told her "why yes, Cecilia, we think it's a wonderful idea if you completely ruin the face of our lord and savior."   I mean, do you suppose, then, that her other work is fabulous -- the work surely she must've shown them to convince them that she was qualified?

...and she "fixed" him. 

How many of us have had someone in our lives who thought we weren't good enough as we are?  We're always "too" something for these people, am I right?  We're too gregarious, too fastidious,  too meticulous, too perfectionistic, too loud, too probing, too opinionated, too assertive, too mercurial, too informed, too quirky, too bossy...  It's always "too" much of something for these people.  And we'll always be SO much "better" for them if we'd just stop being so inquisitive. If we'd just stop being so attentive. If we'd just leave them to their puffed up silences and stop asking for healthy communication.  If we'd just stop questioning things.  If we'd just fit in. 

And if you ask them (often if you DON'T), they're a bottomless well of solutions for what you can "just" do to "fix" your "too much" problem.  Never mind that they're usually so dysfunctional they can't walk and chew gum simultaneously -- they're experts on YOUR issues.  What?  Not aware that you have issues?  Oh, no, there's a list, and all your issues and missteps are accounted for there in bullet-points.  You know what I'm saying.  And you probably know who I'm talking about.

It reminds me of that old woman in Borja, Spain who, a couple of years ago, decided to "improve" Christ.  Remember that?

All manner of people will cross our paths; and that's beautiful.  Challenging people will show up.  They just will.  And it takes perseverance sometimes, along with a dedication to see things in loving ways.  And it takes guts.  But know this:  There's plenty of people in the world who will love you for the real YOU, just as you are, without "adjustments" that aren't true to your masterpiece.  Love them all, but bring nearest those who cherish you.  That's a sacred space.   

Even if it's a little cracked and fading with age, OWN it and love it -- and insist on it -- because it was designed to be just as it is by a master artist: The Creator.  Leave if you feel it cannot come to balance.  But don't let some amateur show up and criticize your masterpiece and tell you they can "improve" upon it -- because they'll ruin it.  We have to know we're unique and beautiful in this life, we have to know we're allowed to feel that way, and we have to be willing to stand firmly in it.   

Who else knows what I'm saying?  I've you've walked this path, too, then I suggest you do what I did:  Get out the turpentine and begin scrubbing off the coats of paint someone else has placed over your masterpiece to cover it with their version of you.  Call back all your energy and return theirs to them.  Remove the layers of their judgments and projections and adjustments and "fixes", and call back your own judgments (because you'll have them, too, guaranteed) and reclaim your masterpiece. 

And he became a movie star.

His phone never stops ringing.

...which had become "too" worn with age...

He is all the rage at every party.

Now he gets compliments everywhere he goes.

80-something year old Cecilia Gimenez took a 120-year old masterpiece that began life like this...