I had a conversation today with someone about the imaginary conversations we have in our heads with the people in our lives and the messy consequences that can result from them.  You all know what I'm talking about, right?  The conversations you have in your heads with your husbands, or your wives, or children, or your bosses, or your co-workers, or your parents?  And very often, these conversations are attempts to resolve some sort of conflict churning in your life.  Probably everyone is guilty of this.  We're built for resolution, and this is why we do it, but it's a very sloppy way to accomplish it.  At worst, it can end up being a form of psychic warfare.

Trying to resolve something with another person via imaginary dialogues with them in your mind creates illusion and wrong conclusions because there is no reality-based input from the other person; it's just a subjective PERCEPTION of what they might say or how they might respond based often times solely on imagination and bias and only 50% of the facts, and when there are hurt or wounded feelings involved, those perspectives can easily become skewed by the feelings of pain and frustration to create scenarios of blame and guilt which may or may not have any relation to reality.  This applies particularly to the pre-conversations people have in their minds with other individuals -- those mental dialogues folks have in their heads in advance of actual dialogues yet to come.  What happens in those kind of inner mind pre-dialogues is that people attempt to figure out what a person might say to them, and how they might respond, and the actual dialogues rarely go the way the imagination contrived them to go so there is a disappointment (or anger) based on an illusory expectation that was sent out in advance to the other person.  What's important to know is that the energy from the imaginary dialogue actually goes out into the universe like a control-based data stream in advance of the actual conversation and can entirely foul up and redirect an encounter in a very negative or non-productive way, especially if you pre-conceived through fear that the encounter might produce conflict.  In this way, folks literally help  telegraph into reality negative experiences before they actually happen and help cause them to occur (when they might have unfolded a totally different way otherwise).  It derives from a lack of trust in Universal flow, or a lack of trust in ones own ability to communicate spontaneously and effectively in the moment, and certainly a desire to control something -- thus the need to "rehearse" the dialogue in advance.

Then there's the "I shoulda saids".  How many of you have found yourself in a conflict with someone where you didn't say what you needed to, or you felt disempowered, or diminished, or even attacked, and you found yourself, in the aftermath, having a conversation with that person in your head where you said all the things you "shoulda said"?  Everyone does this, of course, because it's how our minds attempt to regain a perceived sense of lost power, and how we attempt energetic resolution.  The only problem?  It doesn't really work very well.  It's just a pacifier.  What happens in those imaginary internal dialogues is that a psychic war of sorts begins to unfold whereby you're bombarding the other person energetically with conflict-fueled energy, and they ACTUALLY receive it (whether they're consciously aware of it or not).  Suddenly YOU will pop into their mind, seemingly randomly (which, of course, it isn't), and they'll begin to have a warring imaginary dialogue with YOU in response in THEIR mind.  And guess what?  YOU will receive that back on some level, and you'll get angrier in your imaginary dialogue with them and shoot out more fire and electricity.  Do you see?  It's psychic frequency warfare then, at the level of causation.  And nearly everyone who hasn't trained their mind engages in this kind of energetic errancy on some major or minor level -- probably in some form EVERY DAY.

Conversely, another person might be the initiator of one of these "mind wars" with you.  That's when you're going about your day and someone's face pops into your mind and you begin to get pissed off or conflicted over something suddenly and unexpectedly and before long your entire day is ruined.  You end up mad as a hornet and your energy and mood is whacked for the rest of the day.  Why?  Because you've been psychically "pinged".

Why is this important to talk about?  Because this kind of imaginary internal dialogue is how we lose our vital energies.  If you have enough of these internal conflict-based dialogues, and get yourself sufficiently psychically dissipated as a result, what begins to happen is you will draw in not only the energies of the person with whom you're having the conflict, but all their ill energies as well.  And your subtle light energies (the higher, refined light energies that are part of your outer fields and light body) get gobbled up.  That's when folks begin to feel extremely exhausted, and utterly depleted, and then sleepless, and persistently conflicted, and then literally ill.  It occurs, in large part because the mind does not know the difference between what is real, and what you tell it is real.  It's just decoding stuff for you; what you feed it is your responsibility.  And these imaginary dialogues are received by the mind as real, even if they're entirely inaccurate.  See?  And there is a physiological response in the body then.  I've never seen so many people with entirely shot-to-hell central nervous systems as I'm seeing right now.

Here's the thing:  in a physical world, if you need to have a conversation with someone, go and have a REAL, PHYSICAL conversation with them.  THAT is where resolution occurs if resolution is what you need.  The "I shoulda saids" perpetuate the problem, and they don't really provide a lasting resolution to anything.  Assume that if you're having a conversation in your head with someone, they're ACTUALLY receiving some level of that communication.  And if those imaginary dialogues are ugly, fitful, or aggressive, assume you're actually energetically attacking that other person.  And then notice how OFTEN you do this in the course of your day.  It may explain why you're so exhausted sometimes.  And depleted.  

What is the right use of the mind in a conflict, then, when you didn't say what you needed to?  I'd say that the appropriate way is to sit in your alignment with God, bring in your Highest Divine Self, align your energies as we've discussed in our work, ask for clarity as to WHY you feel unresolved, and ask for solutions that you can PRACTICALLY employ IN THE PHYSICAL.  You might be guided to simply let the issue go.  You might be guided to call the person in question and say "I feel unresolved about our conversation today?  Could we have coffee and talk?"  You might be shown that YOU are at fault from a hasty reaction, or a reaction from a wounded perspective that had you mis-perceiving the encounter.  You might be shown that you RECEIVED the encounter as an attack when, in truth, it may not have been.  THIS kind of internal conversation is productive and solution-based. 

The times we live in require a wholly different approach to how we use our minds because, more and more, individuals are becoming aware at psychic levels.  Instead of engaging in imaginary (psychic) conversations in your mind, begin to take charge of your minds and focus that energy instead on CREATIVE things. 

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