Where We're Going

As for Source Legacy, it never skipped a beat.  Neither did I.  Both still here.  Still doing what we always did, same as we always did it: simply sharing resources and ideas.  Just with a brand new groove.  

​​Because I spent so much time within our Creative Empowerment Program, and Ministerial Program, and PhD Program with so many of you, it might then surprise you to know that I never planned to run a school.  I did it, of course, but it never occurred to me that's what I was actually doing or I'd probably never have done it.  My initial agreement with God, as I understood it so long back, was to set up a school and write a book, and then I was free to move on and reinvent myself again.  And so I did that:  I wrote a book and created a school.  What I never intended to do was teach.  Or counsel.  Or, as I said, run any such school.  It was always a temporary proposition for my participation, I believed, before I could be off again on some new Quixotic misadventure.  

Well... maybe not so much

Life has the funniest way of re-routing things, doesn't it?  Shelley retired from Source Legacy in 2009; we were both exhausted after a decade at that pace. Her departure left me with an unexpected dilemma, though:  what to do with Source Legacy?  I considered closing it, to be perfectly truthful, but I couldn't imagine why I would terminate the instrument of so much growth and creative challenge in my life. The body of work Shelley and I created together left Source Legacy a rather immense library of information, and a history:  I worked with sooooooo many people over those years.  I also certified a lot of people who teach under this organization's legal licensures and depend upon the manifest reality of this organization to back them; I wasn't going to betray the people who trusted me.  So I kept Source Legacy alive and functioning -- albeit very quietly for a few years.  Just our community.  And we healed.  I needed to take my own journey, too, and recharge; I spent so many years helping guide the journeys of others, it was overdue. And I was literally exhausted.     

Where We've Been

My goodness, Source Legacy has been in my life in so many intimate ways heading now toward twenty years that it's hard to know where to start, from my inside perspective.  It overwhelms me a little when I look back on it all.  What I know for sure is this:  Source Legacy has been a highly productive and prolific creation-based teaching organization for a very long time, as well as a home base for many of you, and certainly a home and a school for me.  The breadth of information that has been and continues to be created by and through this organization leaves me gobsmacked sometimes and a little awestruck. 

Serving Our Community For 16 Years

I'm not sure what I thought would happen in my life if I wrote a book. I just knew there was at least that one in me.  Nobody was talking about the stuff Shelley and I set out to share back when I wrote this.  And it did what I created it to do: it helped launch our school and ministry works. ​